Red: Color of energy and passion

Do you want to create energy and passion in your home?

Red is a highly energetic color that excites emotions and can motivate action.  It can give confidence where it is lacking, and can promote ambition and determination.  It is the color of physical movement.  It also can stimulate deeper and more intense passions within us as the color of sexuality.

Because it is such a strong color, red triggers strong emotions and has associations including love, lust, heat, strength, leadership, willpower, danger, rage, and anger.  It also represents power and courage.

Physiologically, red is known to elevate blood pressure, increase respiratory rates, increase metabolism, enhance libido, elevate levels of energy, and increase confidence and enthusiasm.

Red is a great color to use in high-energy rooms, as it is an appetite and conversation stimulant.  There is a really good reason why a lot of successful restaurants have red in their branding and interior décor.  Red is best used in moderation as an accent color in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

If you want to create passion in the bedroom, you can use red, but beware of using too much, as it can create hatred and agitation.  A little pop of red in a bedroom can go a long way.   Green is a great color to use to counteract the effects of too much red in a room.

In our country, red is worn by people that want to exude power (think red power tie).  In other cultures, however, red actually represents purity, joy, good luck and prosperity.  My recommendation is to use it how you see fit, keeping in mind that it may produce enhanced emotions.  Pay attention to how you feel around red.

Red crystals/stones inherently carry the red frequency and energy discussed above.  These include Cinnebar, Coral, Garnet, Jasper, Ruby, and Tourmaline.